Rabba Nathalie Lastreger

HaMinyan Mishpachti Masorti
Kfar V’radim

Q: What Torah learning most inspires you?
A: Learning that has the power to inspire me must challenge me both intellectually and emotionally. I enjoy teachers for whom their teaching flows from their lives, from their core, where they live their words.

Q: What are your dreams for your community?
A: I aspire to create a traditionally oriented, egalitarian, Zionist community that enriches the lives of our members; a community that benefits society and the world as a whole and that serves as a bridge to communities outside of Israel.

Q: What are the greatest opportunities that exist for your community?
A: The geographic area of the Galilee with its diverse religious populations represents a tremendous opportunity to create and model Jewish communities in a democratic Israel that allow different religious communities the ability to flourish and cooperate with one another from a place of dignity. The dream is to build communities that can serve as a shining pluralistic example for all of Israel.