Orly Kenneth

Im Hateva- The Urban Eco Oasis in Gan Yavne

Q: What Torah learning do you most enjoy?
A: I love any learning that leads to action. Any study that fuels me to act in the real world.

Q: What are your dreams for your community?
A: To be a community that creates a world worth living in.

Q: Who inspires you and in what way?
A: Mother Earth. The trees. The bird. The flowing stream. The good God who created everything so perfectly and accurately. When I am having a hard time and get lost in myself I sit on the ground and watch how, except for myself in my heart, everything is working great. Then I get inspired by fallen trees that know the moment will come when they will be covered with leaves, small chicks in the nest who know the moment will come when they learn to fly, and small seeds that know that one day they will become a huge and yielding tree. This is my inspiration!