Empowering the spiritual leaders Israelis need now
for the benefit of Jews everywhere.

We believe in grassroots, Israeli-led disruption.

We invest in spiritual leaders who harness the energy of entrepreneurship along with the power of Judaism to create an Israeli society that is more open, connected and reflective of our Jewish values.

We believe this moment calls for Jewish innovation and reimagining.

Our investments empower new models of rabbinic work for the building of communities of meaning.

Imagine more Israelis feeling at home within Judaism.

We invest in order to create a vibrant free-market of Jewish expression whose diversity and richness reflects all of Israeli society.

The State of Israel empowers just one type of Judaism. But this version of Judaism does not speak to the majority of Israelis. Other interpretations of Judaism are deprived of the financial support needed to thrive. And this lack of robust Jewish discourse impacts the political, social and Jewish vitality of Israeli society and world Judaism.
We advance a new field of diverse spiritual leadership in Israel that is creating possibilities for more Israelis to personally experience the richness and meaning of living in Jewish community.
“Both Jewries — American and Israeli — are beginning to see that how we live as Jews may be as important as where we live as Jews.”
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, “Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren?”
How and why we should live as Jews are the great Jewish questions of our age. The Honey Foundation for Israel believes innovative spiritual leaders are the keys to answering these questions. Our Jewish future depends on it.