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Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Honey Fellows
From the Fruit of the Land
Ten Israeli Spiritual Leaders reflect on the budding opportunities for Israeli Judaism today Honey Fellows 2022 — September 21, 2022
Keynote Address: Inaugural Honey Foundation Leadership Conference for Rabbinic and Spiritual Leadership
Leadership address from the Honey Foundation Leadership Conference for Rabbinic and Spiritual Leadership in Israel, 2019. Bill Lipsey — June 23, 2019
Honey for the New Year: A Holiday Companion
The Honey Foundation — July 21, 2021
Israeli Judaism: an Opportunity for the American Jewish Community
The health and vitality of American Judaism is inextricably intertwined with Israeli Judaism. Rabbi David Hoffman — July 20, 2021
What Does Israeli Jewish Society Look like? A Brief Market Overview.
Israeli Judaism and the boundaries of Israeli Jewish communities are particularly resistant to easy categorization.   July 20, 2021
What exactly is Israeli Judaism?
Too many Israelis – by their own admission – feel like strangers within Jewish culture. They want to return “home” on their own terms and rebuild a new relationship to Judaism. July 20, 2021
It’s a Bull Market for Israeli Judaism
A White Paper: How we got here. Investment Opportunities. July 19, 2021
Is the Title “Rabbi” Too Toxic to Work in Israel?
Judaism is making a strong comeback but the term “rabbi” is often still confined to the penalty box. July 20, 2021
On Purim — Pay it Forward!
Sometimes feeling thankful is not enough. That’s where gratitude comes in. David Hoffman — March 8, 2020
Israeli Independence Day 2020
Trying to hold grief and joy in our hearts at once. David Hoffman — April 28, 2020
The dark lessons of tolerating hate speech
20 years ago, as now, an Israeli leader was depicted as a Nazi — all of us know the price of staying silent. David Hoffman — December 18, 2015
To Love or Not to Love the Jewish People?
Love of the Jewish people is an idea and value that has come upon some hard times recently — both from the right and on the left. David Hoffman — July 8, 2021
Cultural Shifts in Rabbinic Communal Work in Israel: Blessings from the Pandemic
There is much to mourn. But there have been cracks that allow in light. Rabbi David Hoffman — July 19, 2021