Adirchai Haberman-Browns

Kehilat Kula Liba, Jerusalem

Q: What do you most enjoy learning in the Beit Midrash?

A:    The Chassidic scholar Sfat Emet teaches that slavery in Egypt was like an iron furnace, boiling and painful, through which we became the instrument of serving and singing to praise God.

Q: What are your dreams for your community?

A:   I dream that Kula Liba will be a place that connects the ancient, the new and the holy through prayer and Jewish rituals. 

Q: What are the challenges you face on your journey to achieving your professional goals?

A:    One challenge is trying to combine tradition with renewal – the classic struggle of combining the new and the old. 

Q: What is your source of strength as a community rabbi?

A: I draw strength from the fact that Kula Liba is part of the emerging biography of Jewish spirituality in Israel.  The more we create and deepen, the more beautiful and exciting the future of Judaism becomes.