Rabba Michal Ratner Ken-Tor

Meggid HaRuach – The Association for Jewish Renewal in the Megiddo Regional Council

Q: What are your dreams for your community?

A:   That we can influence more people in the area to take ownership of their Jewish identity.

Q: What are the challenges you face on your journey to achieving your professional goals?

A:    In one sentence – the main challenge today in the secular public is to show people how much Judaism could be an engine for doing good and repairing the world for society as a whole.

Q: What are the greatest opportunities that exist for your community?

A: It’s hard to admit, but the fractured reality we live in reminds people of the power and need for community.  Community can create hope and meaning – which are desperately needed today in the State of Israel.  And we will work hard to grow our amazing partnerships in the Megiddo Regional Council – in education, culture and community work.    

Q: What is your source of strength as a community rabbi?

A:   No doubt: my partners in the work of our local community.