Channukah 2024 – Modern Israeli Heroes
December 10, 2023 — By Rabbi David Hoffman, PhD

Modern Israeli Heroes

שעת קהילה - A time for Community

“We came to banish the darkness
In our hands we hold fire and light
Each of us is a small light
But together we are tremendously bright.”


Every Israeli school child knows this folksong.

Somehow these words feel so much more urgent and true this Chanukah.


Together – in community – we are stronger.

In community we create the light to warm and nourish.

But community does not just happen.  It needs leaders.


Thank you for helping to support the Israeli spiritual leaders on the ground who are stewarding Israel through this most trying of moments.

The Honey Fellows in this three-minute video are examples of the light you are kindling with your support of the Honey Foundation.


Please watch and take pride!