Modern Day Maccabees
December 16, 2022 — By Rabbi David Hoffman, PhD

There are many ways to tell the Chanukah story.

Indeed, there are many stories to Chanukah.

But this year – both in Israel and North America – our world needs this story.

Chanukah is our festival to commemorate and celebrate courageous Jewish leadership and our victory in our struggle to live our lives as Jews.

Chanukah should remind us of the power of passionate leaders to change the world.

It must remind us that the hope to live Jewish lives burns quietly in so many.

It must caution us against the dangers of inter-Jewish disagreement that can lead to violence.

As we gather in community to light our Chanukah lights, let’s remember that Jewish expression is as diverse as the many different types of Chanukiyot Jews use to place their Chanukah candles.

Diversity has always been our strength.

One Jewish people. Many Jewish communities.

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