Freedom – Passover 2023
April 4, 2023 — By Rabbi David Hoffman, PhD
All of us are now witnesses to one of the greatest Jewish stories ever told. We just experienced one of the most extraordinary weeks in the history of the State of Israel.

Our Honey Foundation Fellows are helping to heal the rifts in society and to create communities – infused with Jewish values – where differences are honored and appreciated.

The work of the Honey Foundation has never been needed more.

Honey Foundation Fellows represent the communal leadership Israel needs at this moment.

Over the last days and weeks, I have thought a lot about the words of our national anthem -HaTikvah/The Hope. It begins: “Kol Od BaLeivav Penima…As long as within (penima) the heart…” I understand that to mean, as long as I have within my heart the faces (panim) of my brothers and sisters. Only when I truly begin to know them, when I carry them with me in my heart, when I worry about their well being along with my own – only then, can we have Tikvah/Hope.

With Passover, the Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen, and Israeli Independence Day all approaching in the coming days – we are presented with a holy opportunity to meet one another face to face (panim el panim), to listen, to acknowledge and through this process save ourselves. Only in this way can we all live and flourish together.


Chag Sameach.