Bill Lipsey

Founder & Chairman

Philanthropist. Entrepreneur.
Proud Zionist.
Aging Athlete.

The Honey Foundation is an expression of the values and themes that have always been core to Bill Lipsey’s life:  a belief in the transformative power of leadership, nimble entrepreneurship, a faith in the power of open markets to produce optimal outcomes, and a deep conviction that Judaism offers people a compelling framework to create meaning and build community.

Bill likes to work hard and play hard; he is never one to do things in a perfunctory way.

So too, in his Jewish life.  Despite having visited Israel dozens of times, Bill’s Jewish journey took him and his family to Israel for a year in 2010-2011.  It was during this year immersed in Israeli society and intimately seeing the challenges and opportunities for Judaism that he conceived of the Honey Foundation for Israel.

Bill’s desire to make an impact is coupled with a competitive drive which he has had since childhood.  Now his desire is no longer to be the fastest runner, or best student.  After helping to build Pzena Investment Management from the ground up with a cherished group of partners and colleagues, Bill increasingly has focused his time and financial resources into building the Honey Foundation for Israel into a creative force for change in the Jewish world.

Bill brings his endless curiosity, commitment to intellectual openness, and desire to learn from everyone to the project of building the Honey Foundation for Israel.  Bill was blessed to have been raised in a loving family that imbued him with a love of Judaism, the State of Israel and a sense of the importance of service to others.

Most importantly, Bill is married to Amy – his co-founder and life partner – with whom he has three children (and their spouses in age order); Sarah and Yuval, David and Allison, and Joshua.