Limor Rubin

Israel Chief Executive Officer

Professional Strategic Funder. Serial Social Entrepreneur. Budding Poet.

Limor was born in Barcelona during her parent’s years of service representing Israel in the local Jewish community.  Following her parents lead, Limor then worked in Jewish communities in both South Africa and Uzbekistan. This has given her a deep acquaintance with Jewish communities around the world.

But her experience with the American Jewish community changed her life.

Raised as a religious Zionist, Limor was about to slam the door on her Jewish identity when her encounter with American Jewry brought her back in search of new ways of living spiritually as a Jew.

Since then she has dedicated her career towards strengthening and developing the diverse and open field of Israeli Judaism.

Limor has a bachelor’s degree in Business as well as a master’s degree in Public Policy. She is married with three children and two dogs and is both a vegan and a passionate advocate of ecological sustainability.

Limor has ten years of experience in managing social investments in philanthropic foundations and an additional fifteen years of experience in managing large scale programs in an array of fields such as feminism, inclusion of people with disabilities and Jewish peoplehood.

Limor is an expert in strategic philanthropy and leading processes of long-term change by means of social investment and is a generous mentor to professionals in the foundational world.