Meital Sapir

Programs and Content Officer

Hungry learner. People connector. Passionate hiker. 

Born in Jerusalem to an American mother and Yemenite-Israeli father, raised in a robust Jewish community in Florida and now living in the heart of Tel Aviv, Meital feels most at home at the crossroads between communities. Her hybrid upbringing inspired her passion for pluralism.

Jewish connectedness and love of Israel were at the core of her childhood. She is fortunate to have been educated through some of the best American Jewish institutions: day school, youth groups, summer camp, and teen tours in Israel. Those experiences, combined with the commitment to community-building modeled at home, shaped Meital’s drive to create meaningful relationships in every setting. 

Immediately after completing her BA in Religion and Philosophy at Barnard College in New York in 2017, Meital fulfilled her lifelong dream of returning home to Israel. At age 23 (a grandmother in army years), she voluntarily enlisted to the Air Force, where she served as a commander for basic training and an officer in an operational flight squadron in the South of Israel. 

Meital is passionate about empowering people to express themselves fully, deeply, and authentically. She is committed to making Torah accessible to all those who seek to engage with it. She views the project of fortifying Israeli Judaism as a sacred privilege.