Professional Leadership Forums
The Professional Leadership Forum is a critical piece of our work elevating and building-out the professional field of spiritual entrepreneurs.

In May 2019 the Honey Foundation made history in the State of Israel. The Foundation convened the first professional conference for the newly developing field of communal rabbis and spiritual leaders who represent the broad diversity of Israeli religious leadership.


Two-hundred spiritual leaders — men, women, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Orthodox, Reform, Masorti and secular — came together to discuss the work that unites them beyond their ideological differences. These inspiring leaders, who represent the burgeoning Israeli Judaism movement, came together to experience colleagueship — to inspire one another — and to feel the power of their voices united in this work.


In convening these professional conferences we have established an important forum for the sharing of best practices and for leaders to learn from one another’s success and challenges.


Rabbinic work is often lonely. The professional networks established by the Foundation across the entire field of religious affiliations nurture and sustain these leaders over the course of their careers.